The Education Weekend is an opportunity for teaching on topics not often covered in local or regional training days.

The aims and objectives of the 2017 Education Weekend include:

    • Develop an approach for the management of chronic abdominal pain in patients with irritable bowel syndrome

    • Gain confidence in both undertaking a food history and in dietary modifications in individuals with food intolerances

    • Broaden knowledge in the diagnosis and management of infective diarrhoea

    • Enhance endoscopic lesion recognition skills and formulate evidence based management plans for both upper and lower gastrointestinal pathologies

    • Hone and refine interpretation of radiological investigations to diagnose pancreatobiliary disease

    • Become confident in the diagnosis and treatment of alcoholic hepatitis and develop an evidence based algorithm for managing the spectrum of disease

  • Explore the issues behind liver transplantation in alcoholic hepatitis

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